Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha

A Mission for Suistanable Agriculture and Rural Development

Ongoing Projects

Climate Smart Village Program

The organization is implementing CLIMATE SMART VILLAGE PROGRAM in Gadchirli District. The program is being implemented in 20 primary villages and 180 surrounding villages. The program aim to promote “Tribal Community Resource Management Group for Adoption to Climate Change” and implement various activities through these groups. The intervention may involve Evaluation of Varieties, Manipulation of Agronomic practices, soil testing, water harvesting, shelter management or livestock, animal / poultry feed, vaccination, marketing and other intervention to promote livestick will also be promoted to enhance tribal livelihoods.

Parivartan Community Development Project

The organization is implementing Parivartna community Development Project in Various District of Maharashtra State. The program is supported by Corporate Partner. The aim of the program is to design and implement intervention for integrated development. The interventions are focused on Education, Health, Sanitation, Sustainable Agriculture and Water. The program focus on designing need based interventions. The prime focus is on the need of the community and the areas where the govt has limitations to intervene. The program are being implemented in Pune and Ahmadnagar District of Maharashtra State.

National Digital Literacy Mission

Govt. of India has launched “National Digital Literacy Mission” to educate the people and improve their participation in E- Governance. Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha is partner for Maharashtra State to implement this scheme. The organization has appointed few centers in different part of Maharashtra to implement this program. The organization running its own computer literacy center linked with “National Digital Literacy Mission” in Wagholi, Pune. People from the age group of 14 to 60 are coming to center for improving their digital literacy.
The organization has started another center at Pune Muncipal Corporation in Sept 2016. The aim of this center is to spread digital literacy among the needy staff of the corporation. The center is supported by Zensor through NASSCOM FOUNDATION.

Soil Water Conservation

Organization has identified 10 villages from Jalgaon District for undertaking soil water conservation work. The district is known for BANANA production but the situation in these villages is completely adverse. The villages have acute water shortage. People face difficulties in getting water to drink. And hence the organization decided to work in this area. The project duration is three years. In first year, the focus will be on strengthening drinking water resources, rejuvenating the existing structures and preparing plan for complete watershed treatment. During second and third year, complete watershed treatment will be carried out along with the agronomic interventions. Demonstration of various supporting models like Roof Water Harvesting, Recharging of Well and Borewell will also be promoted.
Organization is also working as a “Livelihood Resource Agency” in Integrated Watershed Management program. The Task is to train the watershed community and facilitate their livelihood activities.

Tribal Development Program

The organization is working with 10000+ tribal families to implement development project. The team try to understand the culture of the tribal community, their ongoing practices for earning the livelihoods and support them either to improve the current practices or introduce new sources of income generation to make their life better. The approach is also to collectivize the tribal community members and bring collective strength among them to get the benefit in the value chain activities. The result achieved so far are Satisfactory and the community is also happy to participate in the interventions.

Training Provider on Agriculture and Apparel Activities

Govt. of India has launched Prime Minister Kaushalya Vikas Yojna in 2015. The organization has get affiliated to work as a Training Provider for Maharashtra State with Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) and with Apparel and Home Made Sector Skill Council (SSCAMH). The organization is developing a network of training centers for providing Skill Development Training under this program. List of ongoing courses are as given below. Some more sectors are expected to be introduced in the coming years.

Ongoing Courses

KVGPS has also been appointed as an authorized Vocational Training Provider Organization. Under this scheme, the Director of Vocational Education and Training, Maharashtra has granted KVGPS the permission to start courses on different agricultural and allied vocational activities. KVGPS remains as the only organization appointed to provide training based on its sectorial expertise in agriculture and allied activities.
Courses to be conducted by KVGPS under this scheme:

Garments and Tailoring

• Sewing Machine operator
• Embroidery Machine Operator


• Tractor Operator
• Quality Seed Grower
• Seri culturist
• Poultry Farmers
• Agri Extension Executive

Animal Husbandry

• Sheep and Goat Rearing (150 Hours)
• Dairy Farming (180 Hours)
• Entrepreneurship on Dairy Management (360 Hours)

Promotion of FPOs

KVGPS has participated in pilot program for the promotion of FPOs in India during 2011- 2013. Now, the organization is implementing various projects for promotion of FPOs/ FPCs in Buldana, Jalgaon, Chandrapur, and Yawatmal District. The focus is on bringing the collective strength among the farmers to get the benefits through forward and backward linkages.
Organization is specially working with Tribal farmers in few programs. We have promoted 12 FPOs till March 2016. Similarly, the organization has promoted few Women FPOs. Till date various Govt. officers, NABARD Officials, WORLD BANK PROJECT Officials and IFAD Project Officials have visited these FPOs. Many farmers from Maharashtra come to visit these FPOs and go back with the thought of promoting the same.
Krushi Vikas Facilitate these FPOs to develop linkages and undertake interventions which can provide direct an indirect benefit to the farmers. The organization has also supported for promotion first ever State Level Federation of FPOs in India.

Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan

The organization have been appointed as a “Key Resource Center” by Water and Sanitation Organization, Govt of Maharashtra. We have been given the responsibility to inspect the villages applying for various awards. Till date the organization has covered 100+ villages in various district of Maharashtra State. The organization also guide the villages about promoting sanitation and filling gaps in the interventions.
Apart from this activity the organisation is also guiding some panchayat to implement sanitation program and waste management program. Sanitation is one of the important vertical in Parivartan Community Development Program.

Consultancy Support to FPOs

Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium has launched three very good schemes for Farmer Producer Organisations in India. The organisation is providing consultancy services to FPOs to avail benefit of the scheme. Many FPOs across Maharashtra are approaching is for getting the benefit of the services. The service include support for preparation of application, necessary compliances, follow up and coordination between the funding agency and the FPOs till the release of funds. The services can be continued on demand from FPOs.

Other Programs

Apart from these regular program, the organization work with various department to implement the short terms programs.
1. WUA Promotion with Dept. of Minor Irrigation
2. Training Program with Dept. of Agriculture
3. Capacity Building Programs with NABARD