Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha

A Mission for Suistanable Agriculture and Rural Development

Donation Call

Development is “Coming together and contributing for community welfare”. With this agenda, KVGPS welcomes individuals to work as a volunteer with us. Volunteer can work on field or can work from home. The individuals or Group of person can support ongoing interventions in various ways like supporting on field activities by disseminating knowledge and training the community, Documentation and surveys, spreading awareness about the work done by the organization and regarding the cause, etc.

As we review our achievements and the learning we had as a team KVGPS throughout our different project activities, we see a positive spirit in us to tackle the potential challenges. KVGPS has achieved project targets despite the severe draught and scarcity of resources. However, KVGPS need substantial funding for training, particularly, the vocational training for the diversification of livelihood and support to vulnerable farming communities during the phase of transition.

The project on ‘Producer Companies of Farmers’ need sustained funding to enhance profit in the agricultural value chain in long run. For rural households, it is difficult to go for new skills training considering the preoccupation with agricultural livelihood and poverty. Without sufficient funding, training programs fail to gain sufficient participation of the most deserving participants from poor households. We wish to conduct more follow-up activities on our livelihood mission through trainings and meetings. Women being the backbone of the rural economy, KVGPS aims to conduct more women farmer and landless labor-centric developmental and training activities. However, our efforts are restricted by the lack of resources.

A generous hand of support from donors and corporate social responsibility initiatives can ease the development process for rural communities. Soil and water conservation has remained the most ecologically sustainable intervention for the welfare of farming communities, however, with minimal funding support in the current stage KVGPS has been intensely constrained to expand the activity.

A non-profit organization working in the underprivileged Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, we would like to carry forward the larger mission of “Preserving Nature and Sustaining Livelihoods” in more concrete and structured manner this year. We call for heartfelt support and participation from like-minded individuals and agencies across the globe. We ensure committed efforts and accountable reporting in utilization of funds as stipulated by the voluntary sector and company laws.

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