Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha

A Mission for Suistanable Agriculture and Rural Development

Completed Projects

During the 25 years of Journey, the organization has successfully completed various projects. Few recently completed projects are as given below :

Soil and Water Conservation Programme

Under the flagship of NABARD supported Holistic Watershed Development Programme (NHWDP), KVGPS functions as a professional Project Implementing Agency (PIA) in the Kihni Nagapur Cluster of Khamgaon Block in Buldana District. Taking forward the Participatory Rural Development agenda, KVGPS has promoted Village Watershed Committees (VWC) and Snayukt Mahila Samitee (SMS) (i.e. Village Level Federation of SHGs) among all project villages. To attend the development needs of the landless people and women KVGPS has received permission to conduct value added Agronomic and Animal Husbandry interventions in the project area.

Achievements under the Soil and Water Conservation Programme

  • Krushi Vikas has successfully implemented projects such as Jalswaraj, NHWDP, MG NREGS for Soil and water conservation.

  • To address the survival needs of farmers during the severe draught situation, KVGPS has provided employment for more than 500 Rural Vulnerable Farmers and Landless Laborers for more than 50000 man-days of labor

  • The chairperson of Zep Sanyukt Mahila Samitee of Kinhi delivered a public speech for first time in her life on World Women Day indicating capacity building of women after the organizational interventions from KVGPS.

  • NABARD has appreciated the quality of Continuous Contour Trenches (CCT) on hilly area created by KVGPS under this project

Organic Farming Promotion Programme

In collaboration with the Agriculture Department of State Govt., KVGPS carried out promotional activities in variousblock of Buldana district under the Saundarya Seti Protsahan Yojna (Organic Farming Promotion Scheme). Under this scheme, Farmers Field School is a major capacity building activity. Across all projects, KVGPS has been a major promoter of organic farming in region.

Activities under the program

  • Formation of Farmers Groups

  • Community Mobilization Training

  • Vermi Compost

  • Biodynamic Composting

  • Sheti Din (Farming Day Celebration)

  • Farmers Field School

  • Dashparni Training (Organic Pesticide and Herbicide Production)

Achievements Organic Farming Promotion Programme

  • KVGPS carried out training programs for farmers through Farmers Field Schools.

  • Under same scheme, KVGPS established Vermi Compost Units and Compost Beds.

  • Among other Knowledge Dissemination Activities, KVGPS educated farmers on Biodynamic Composting and use of a Combination of Useful Plants Extract (Dasparni) for Pest Management which has reduced the input cost for farming.

Integrated Health and Sanitation Programme

KVGPS has been active in creating awareness about health and sanitation issues in the region. The unique feature of KVGPS approach involves use of folk art forms for triggering and educating for change in community behavior and practices. Krushi Vikas has a team of expert for developing the themes for awareness programmes and implementing it through Kalapathak and Street play. The help of school going is also taken. The organization has implemented World Bank Supported Jalswaraj project as well as the Total Sanitation Campaign and contributed in Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (Now known as the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan). Considering experience of working in sanitation programme recently Krushi Vikas was appointed as the Knowledge Resource Center (KRC) under the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. National Stock Exchange has also invited the organization for presenting its work and approach on Solid Waste management at its Campus in Mumbai.

KVGPS has worked under the reproductive child health programme of Govt.of India. In this programme, Krushi Vikas worked for the health of pregnant women and new Born.

Rajiv Gandhi Participatory Irrigation and Agricultural Development Project

Funded by Irrigation Improvement Division, Department of Minor Irrigation of the Government of Maharashtra, the Rajiv Gandhi Participatory Irrigation and Agricultural Development Project (RGPIADP) selected KVGPS for its implementation based on its track record and outreach to farmers in far flung villages in Vidarbha. Under RGPIADP, KVGPS has been conducting different activities for each project covered village. In Maharashtra, there are around 65000 small irrigation projects with miniscule irrigation potential (10-15%). Under this pilot project, emphasis has been given on promotion of new Water Users Association (WUA)as well as capacity building of the existing Water Users Associations for effective Water Management. Further, it is hoped that communities will take over the water management and maintenance of minor irrigation projects in the region and make it socially sustainable.

Our Achievements under RGPIADP

  • Exposure Visits: Under RGPIADP, 631 farmers participated in exposure visits to learn about effective practices of Water Users Associations (WUA) and effective use of available resources.

  • Training on Cooperatives Act and Auditing: Village-based training program was conducted on Cooperatives Act and Auditing under the expert guidance of cooperative department officials. This training was aimed to build capacities of farmers for proper management of Water Users Associations. In all, 148 farmers from 4 villages participated and successfully completed the training.

  • Promotion and Capacity Building of Water Users Association: KVGPS formed 4 new water users’ associations and has started capacity building of 6 water users associations including existing 2 WUAs.

Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)

KVGPS has been an active and one the highest performing partners of Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium, New Delhi (SFAC) for the Promotion of Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO). This program involves mobilizing farmers to form groups that ultimately result in a collective of farmers called the Farmer Producer Organization-FPO. These FPOs are aimed at improving the bargaining power and conducting other relevant beneficial activities at each stage of the agricultural value chain for minimizing the cost and maximizing the profit for farmers.

Achievements under the FPO Programme

  • KVGPS has promoted 17 FPOs and have supported more than 25 FPOs in Maharashtra

  • These FPOs has done procurement business of around Rs 25 Crore in total and have provided benefits of more than Rs. 2 Crore to the farmers in distress.

  • Around 20000 farmers are mobilized through this initiative

  • Remarkably, KVGPS has formed one FPO totally managed by 1148 women members from rural farming communities.

  • Few FPOs have been rewarded for their remarkable work done.